Actions in favor of creation

The SACD supports contemporary creation, access to culture for all, arts education, the professional training of authors and cultural diversity.

We carry out a dynamic policy in favor of authors and contemporary creation in all their diversity. We do so through actions or support funds for the creation and distribution of works, artistic education activities and programs for the professionalization of authors.

The cultural action policy of the SACD, defined by the Board of Directors, is financed mainly through remuneration for private copying (25% of the money collected is legally assigned to cultural action). We complete this funding through voluntary contributions for the support of creation which represent one fifth of the cultural action budget.

In addition, cultural events are accompanied by other actions financed by the SACD (off-cultural action budget) and are intended to encourage meetings, exchanges, sharing of experience and opportunities for authors.

What are the forms of support for cultural action?

Funds: TheaterScene Music, Lyrical creation, Humor, Ecrire pour la rue (Street Theatre), Auteurs d'espace (Street Theater), Processus Cirque (Circus), SACD Humor FundSACD - France Télévisions Creation & Diversity Funds, Original Podcasts Fund... 

Direct financial assistance for authors: In addition to funding, the SACD created the Beaumarchais Association in 1997 to encourage the emergence of new talents. Beaumarchais oversees the granting of numerous direct subsidies to authors, entrusting the assignment of funds to independent commissions, composed of recognized professionals from each discipline. To find out more about the Beaumarchais Association, click here.

Partnerships with festivals: Festivals are places where creativity, experience sharing, exchange, transmission and cultural education are valued. They are places of discovery too. For all these reasons, the SACD organizes actions, in partnership with festivals, aimed at valuing authors and their projects, bringing to light new concepts, new talents, new forms of cross-discipline creation, and professionalizing authors’ practices (masterclass, testimonies of authors, pitches, zoom on my first contract, etc.).

Professional training: Showrunner training course, Atelier Grand-Nord (Grand-Nord Workshop), support for accredited schools (Femis, Louis Lumière, CinéFabrique, CEEA, La Poudrière, etc.).

Support for professional organizations: Each profession has its constraints and particularities. The SACD supports professional organizations of authors such as Guild of Scriptwriters, EAT...

Artistic and cultural education: Un Artiste à l'école (An artist back at school) actions...

Universal access to culture (access for all to culture): Auteurs Solidaires (United Authors), created in November 2014 on the initiative of the SACD, is an endowment fund whose purpose is to carry out missions of general interest and develop and implement innovative projects in the field of social intervention. The actions are carried out by professional authors and are based on the sharing of creative experiences.

Who decides on the assignment of financial support?

The process of assigning grants is developed in such a way as to avoid even the slightest conflict of interest. Fund juries are composed of professionals who do not sit on the Board of Directors, and are renewed every two years. The Chairman of the Board of Directors conducts the discussions but does not have a voting right.

Which disciplines are covered?

The support and assistance voted by the Board of Directors concerns all the performing arts and audiovisual disciplines managed by the SACD:

  • Theater
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Staging
  • Circus
  • Street theater
  • Humor
  • Film
  • TV fiction
  • Docu-drama
  • Animation
  • Radio
  • Interactive creation
  • New forms of creation
  • Web series

Complementary actions

  • General interest: The Beaumarchais Association/SACD, the cultural action of the SACD Belgium and the SACD Canada, the international cultural action
  • Training courses for authors at accredited schools through year-round support
  • Prizes: Receiving an SACD award means authors can benefit from their work in the spotlight, or their career supported by peers. An award allows a piece of work or an author to be noticed.
  • Support for national festivals and professional meetings, co-productions with festivals: Organization of Vive le Sujet ! and Voix d’auteurs at the Avignon Festival, Auteurs d'espaces at various street theater festivals, etc.