Is there a difference between how much an author who writes in the French language will be entitled to in SACD payments and the amounts due to an author writing in another language?

For performances in French, a French-speaking author will receive all of the royalties pertaining to the text. An author whose work is originally written in another language and translated for performing into French language will share his/her royalties with the translator of said work.

The breakdown is jointly agreed between the author and translator on a 100% basis; a declaration form is signed by the authors or rights holders and the translators.

What is the procedure if a producer comes to SACD to ask for permission to use a translation? Are both the translator and the owner of the rights in the underlying work consulted regarding use of the translation?

Yes. Information concerning the translation which the producers wish to use is forwarded within the authorisation request that is sent to every one of the authors and translators.

No authorisation will be delivered without the written consent of all parties concerned.

If a writer is registered as a member of SACD and he translates a play from a foreign language, under the SACD contracts who will own the copyright and other rights in that translation? Are there restrictions on the exploitation of that translation by either the translator or the owner of the underlying play?

Contracts drafted by SACD do not provide for the rights of the original author and those of the adapter to be merged together. The author chooses to grant or not exclusive rights for the translation – in general, translations are not subject to exclusive rights agreements.