Royalties: collection & distribution

Collection of Royalties

Is the amount or percentage due to the author negotiable, or is it fixed?

SACD sets minimum remuneration rates. Authors, however, are free to demand higher remunerations.

For performances in France by professional theatres not subject to specific covenants, the royalties are calculated for all of the authors, translators and adapters:

  • In Paris, a rate of 12% of box office receipts (ex. tax) is applicable, or if no ticketing, 12% of the proceeds earned by the producer for the performances (sales price, lump sum, minimum guaranteed receipts);
  • Outside Paris, a rate of 10.5% of box office receipts (ex. tax) is applicable, or same rate on price at which the show was sold (ex. tax), whichever is most favourable to the author.

Royalties Distribution

When are the royalties distributed? What are the management fees deducted by SACD?

Royalties are distributed every 14th of the month after they have been cashed in.

As for its management fees, SACD deducts 9% of the royalties when performances are held in Paris and 13% when outside Paris.