Participative governance

The SACD is a not-for-profit company founded by authors for authors. Co-management is in our DNA. We are currently co-governed by Pascal Rogard, Chief Executive Officer, and Jacques Fansten, Elected Author and Chair of the Board.

Defending and supporting authors requires a true understanding of their perspective in order to define and organize operational actions resulting from the decisions made at the SACD team level. This is the aim of our co-management.

President and Chief Executive Officer

The CEO is named by the Board of Directors. Acting as a manager, the CEO also helps to establish company policy and define strategic approaches, along with the President and the Board of Directors. The CEO’s role and duties are set out in articles 30 and 31 of the company statutes.

Working in close collaboration with the General Secretary, the CEO draws on the support of the Management Committee.

The Chair of the Board of Directors is elected among the directors each year during the first meeting following the General Assembly. The Board also acts as a manager: its role and duties are set out in the company statutes begining at article 22.

The Board of Directors

Composed of authors elected by all SACD member authors in each of its repertoires, the Board of Directors is partially updated every year. It meets once a month in a plenary session to decide on company policy and once a month in special commissions for each directory (audiovisual/live performance) to examine specific subjects and submit proposals on which it should vote. Its composition, role and duties are set out in the company statutes begining at article 12.

The Board of Directors is composed of 31 authors elected for three years, representing television, film, animation, radio, digital art, theater, stage directing, dance, music, circus and street arts.